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Castle Dual Plate Check Valves are light and compact wafer type check valves that are designed for HVAC and general service applications. Dual plate check valves consist of two spring-loaded plates close when the flow decreases, without the necessity of reverse flow.

Castle Dual Plate Check Valves have the following features:

  • Castle Dual Plate Check Valve minimizes the cracking in the valve and reduces pressure drop in the valve.

  • Spring loading on the plates assists in the closing of the valve which ensures tight sealing and it minimizes slamming.

  • If a Check Valve closes without any reverse flow then water hammer can be eliminated. Since, the Castle Dual Plate Check Valve closes when the velocity of flow is reduced to zero, before the flow gets reversed. Hence, water hammer is eliminated.

  • Castle Dual Plate Check Valves are very flexible in installation. Due to the Spring Action, the valve can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

  • The raised profile of the soft seat enhances the sealing

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Product Range

  • CI body and SS flap: DN40 to DN600

  • CI body and SG Iron flap: DN40 to DN600

Castle Dual Plate Check Valves

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