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Castle Extended Stem Ball Valves is an extension of the normal ball valve. The valve is provided with an extended stem to make the valve easier to operate in places where the valve is insulated. By virtue of the extended stem, the operator does not have to tear the insulation to operate the valve as the extended stem attached with the handle always comes out of the insulation to permit the opening and closing of the valve accordingly.

Castle Extended Stem Ball Valves are widely used in the HVAC as well as Pharmaceutical Industry.

For Technical Details- 1

Product Range

  • Body: Forged Brass

  • Ball: Forged Brass

  • Stem: Forged Brass

  • Forged Brass Material confirming to CW617N

  • (Cu>57%; Pb<3%)

  • Seat: PTFE

  • Pressure Rating: PN25

  • DN15 to DN50

Extended Stem Ball Valve

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