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Castle Motorized Butterfly Valve comprises a butterfly valve that is mounted by an electrical quarter-turn actuator with manual override. Adhering to the function of a Hand Operated Butterfly valve, these are ON/ OFF type valves. Castle Motorized Butterfly Valves are BMS compatible.

The major reason for the success of Castle Motorized Butterfly Valves is that the Butterfly Valves chosen to mount the actuator are specially designed low torque Butterfly Valves. This enables long life of the actuator as the load on the electric motor is resisted by the easy opening and closing of the disc of the Castle Butterfly Valve.

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Product Range

  • Body: Cast Iron

  • Disc: S.G. Iron & SS 304

  • DN40 to DN400

  • 50Nm to 100Nm

Mototrized Butterfly Valves

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