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Digital Handwheel Balancing Valve (1).pn

Castle Digital Handwheel Balancing Valves are used to control the flow of water and to ensure that the chilled water system is balanced. It is used to modulate the fluid flow before it reaches the unit. The handwheel acts as a built-in flow measuring device so that the operation of the valve can be observed and noted precisely.


Features of Castle Balancing Valve:

  • The least count of 0.1 in the number of turns ensures accuracy and precision to determine the flowrate.

  • The test points are easy to connect even with insulation

  • The presetting digital indicator provides an accuracy of 1/10 hand wheel rotation.

  • Hydronic Balancing can be performed online or even through a smartphone.

  • Ensures desired supply of cooling and heating in different parts of the system.

  • Decreases the cost of energy by up to 30%.

  • The cost of the system is also reduced as the system components such as chillers or pumps are chosen accordingly instead of being oversized.

  • Eliminates human error.

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Digital Handwheel Balancing Valve

Product Range

  • Body: Cast Iron

  • Disc: S.G. Iron & SS 304

  • Wafer Type: 40mm to 600mm

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