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India's leading manufacturer of industrial valves.

Since 1990


Butterfly Valves

Castle Soft Seat Butterfly Valves have a centric disc construction, a single piece body and an integrally molded seat. Castle Butterfly Valves are available in different materials of construction. The Double D locking technology delivers positive disc to seat location with maximum strength.

Dual Plate Check valves

Castle Dual Plate Check Valves are light and compact wafer type check valves that are designed for HVAC and general service applications. Dual plate check valves consist of two spring-loaded plates close when the flow decreases, without the necessity of reverse flow.

Balancing Valves

Castle Digital Hand wheel Balancing Valves are used to control the flow of water and to ensure that the chilled water system is balanced. It is used to modulate the fluid flow before it reaches the unit. The hand wheel acts as a built-in flow measuring device so that operation of the valve can be observed and noted precisely.

Motorized Butterfly Valves

Castle Motorized Butterfly Valve comprise of a butterfly valve that is mounted by an electrical quarter turn actuator with manual override. Adhering to the function of a Hand Operated Butterfly valve, these are ON/ OFF type valves. Castle Motorized Butterfly Valves are BMS compatible.

Pressure Independent

Control Valves

Dynamic Pressure Independent Valve acts as a replacement to three different valves that is a two-way valve, a regulating valve and a valve to control differential pressure.

Ball Valves

Castle Ball Valve with Strainers is used in HVAC and Plumbing sectors. These valves are extensions of Castle Ball Valves. The strainer performs the function of removing the particulates from the fluids passing through it via the filtering element intersecting the main channel. The strainer consists of a cylindrical mesh that protects the valuable downstream equipment’s such as pumps, regulators etc. from being damaged from the contaminants.



Butterfly Valves


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Ball Valves


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Balancing Valves


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Extended Stem Ball Valve


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Ball Valves with Strainer


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Motorized Butterfly Valves


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Ball Valves with/without Strainer


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Motorized Butterfly Valves


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Ball Valves with/without Strainer


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Motorized Butterfly Valves


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Castle Valves commenced manufacturing Industrial Valves about 25 years ago in 1990. The Company is led by Mr. Navdeep Malhotra, a first-generation entrepreneur. Since then Castle Valves is considered amongst the leading valve manufacturers in the country. Castle Valves is acknowledged as a pioneer in technology for its Butterfly, Balancing, and Check Valves. We are also considered a prime brand for Brass items like the Ball Valves and Non-Return Valves.

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India's first company to manufacture Digital Handwheel Balancing Valves

India's first company to develop Dynamic Pressure Independent Balancing Valves

Specialisation in developing Non Return Valves with minimum Head loss



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