About Us

Castle Valves commenced manufacturing Industrial Valves about 25 years ago in 1990. The Company is led by Mr. Navdeep Malhotra, the first generation entrepreneur. Since then Castle Valves is considered amongst the leading valve manufacturers in the country. Castle Valves is acknowledged as a pioneer in technology for its Butterfly, Balancing and Check Valves. We are also considered a prime brand for Brass items like the Ball Valves and Non Return Valves. Castle Valves is renowned for developing new and technically advanced products. Being located in the heart of Delhi, we believe in the system of both in-house and vendor based capabilities. At Castle Valves, we are following the ISO systems since 1998 and the valves are manufactured by adhering to all the standards laid for them.

01 Our Misson

Our World Class manufacturing facilities are the keys to deliver new and advanced products without any time constraints.

02 Our Values

Experienced employees dedicated to providing the highest level of integrity, value and service. We provide a one-stop solution for the client by providing such a large product range by simplifying the client’s problem of procuring different types of valves from different places.

03 Our Vision

Instead on focusing on monetary gains, we aim to bring more innovation in the field of valves by bringing in new products and also by providing excellent services and through continuous improvement in processes.